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About Tunnel Rush Game

In my subjective opinion, for some gamers Tunnel Rush game is not easy to play, though – far from it. If you don’t have an iron patience, this game is not for you, as the Tunnel Rush can seem a little “trial-and-error” at times, especially when obstacles start to move and shift seemingly unpredictably. Once you begin playing Tunnel Rush game, you will find out that it is a game of all the time.

While discussing each aspect of the Tunnel Rush game, I’ll start with the music: music is appropriately pulse-pounding and rhythmic. Tunnel Rush game very quickly amps up. The visuals are colorful, simple geometric shapes and they are really hypnotic. This shapes can be easily dodged. Players are given enough amount of time to react to each obstacle as it looms on the horizon, and really have time to avoid that obstacles. As the name implies, the setting is in a tunnel, but it is not expected to play in dark, you will see the colorful details. The fact that the obstacles are bright is good as it would be easier to determine what you need to avoid.


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Playing of Tunnel game is unbelievably easy. The Trip is without the ability to jump. Of course, the principal appeal of Tunnel Rush game is its central gameplay loop, and here we come to the crux of the matter. The game only uses two keys for its control, one of which moves left and the other moves right. The good thing is, that it works smoothly and it directly follows what you want to do. This is critical especially the game is fast-paced. Any hanging, freezing, or controls failing to work could mean the end of the game. So far, this is not a problem with Tunnel Rush game and the controls of this funny game work pretty good.

As I have already mention above, to play game just requires swiping left or right to avoid the obstacles. The basic gameplay sounds pretty basic, which is really simple to understand. But you’ll be surprised that the execution is not as easy as it might seem or sound like. There are varying obstacles that are difficult to pass, and the game gets faster as the level goes up, making it even more challenging. However, if the challenge is what you are looking for, then you will surely enjoy the Tunnel Rush game and you’ll find it hard to put it down.

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There, though, is the other key point about Tunnel Rush game. Although it might be a difficult game, its well-honed difficulty curve constantly challenging the player, it’s never a chore or frustrating to play. That’s largely because of the incredibly forgiving save system, which automatically throws players back to the start of the stage if they die. Stages are fairly short in Tunnel Rush game, so death never means losing too much progress. Again, the excellent presentation is omnipresent, always making sure you’re having fun even while you’re dying; “fun to lose” is a concept many developers strive for and Tunnel Rush achieves.

It’s a real success when a game manages to be simultaneously relaxing and challenging. This is arguably the goal of all video games: to stress us out even as they remove our stress, to linger in the mind as an enjoyable experience even if we struggled at the time. Tunnel Rush is a good idea perfectly executed, a great balance of what makes video games enjoyable. It’s easy to play but it is also challenging making it fun and enjoyable for those who are into fast paced games.

It is also worth noting that Tunnel Rush game promotes the entertainment of people of all ages. The game does not contain aggressive and dangerous moments and visuals. Consequently it is not stressful and parents can quietly give their children the right to play this wonderful game. It will only affect them positively. The important thing is not to play This game all day long and be focused on other life events too. In free time, parents can also play Tunnel Rush game with their young children freely, children like colorful visuals, geometric shapes and pleasing sounds.

Who Can Play Tunnel Rush Game?

I do not want to be rude to anyone and of course, I do not want to restrict anyone, but I think this game is not for everyone though. Since it is fast-paced, it’s not for those who get easily dizzy or have a problem with their eyes. It can get you drowsy if you get sick with fast movements. However, if this is something that you enjoy, then you are up for great playing time. Anyway, unless you have motion sickness, you are probably going to love this app because it’s simple to understand but it has a challenging side that would make you want to play more games and do better than your previous run.

At long last, what kind of player’s wonderful Tunnel Rush game is for? I highly recommend exactly this Tunnel game to gamers of all generation and age. Dying doesn’t feel so bad, it has vibration issue only. This game is very good for producing fast reflexes and reactions, also, this game is good for constant brain training. Tunnel Rush game is very useful for our minds, for it’s being in the constantly active phase.

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My personal thought is, that very soon Tunnel Rush game will earn its place among the great games of all the times. In an era where nothing is surprising and routine becomes a massive part of everyone’s lifestyle, this video game is a pretty good relaxation tool, this, of course, is due to its simplicity. Also, it is a merit that this game is free and available to everyone.

I would like to wish the Tunnel Rush game makers great success. I do rely greatly on their creativity for future projects.

In the end, though, Tunnel Rush game excels simply on this core tenet: it’s very fun and easy to play. So try now and play game for free and don’t forget to share this funniest game to your friends.

And if at least you can’t find here your game simple Google your game and have a fun.