While the game , Spider Solitaire, dates back to the 1949 it is not recognized to be as old as other games in its class. However, it is considered to be one of the most favorable yet unforgettable games throughout Solitaire history.

Spider Solitaire Game

Many would say besides the original solitaire, this is the best game to play in order to pass time. Although this games is known for allowing the player(s) to practice patience, this games is also known to help them increase alertness, intelligence, and obedience.

So how did the name Spider Solitaire come about? Well, the game gets is name from its concept of having 8 columns. Some would even say that Spider Solitaire is inspired from a dessert cousin called the Scorpion. Now that you have the history behind the game let’s begin obtaining knowledge on how the set up of the game, the rules and tips on tricks on how to play.

Card Layout

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The games is played with two deck of cards. After thoroughly shuffling both decks together, you must place 4 rows and 10 cards in each row face down. Next you are to place 4 cards face up on top of the 10 cards that are faced down. The remaining cards are placed faced down to create the stock.

The object of this game is to remove all cards on the tableau by arranging the cards from lower value card to higher value card (Ace to King) in the same suit. When this is accomplished the game is won. In order to get these cards in that order while being allowed to move only one card at a time, you must remember to utilize empty tableau spaces as much as possible by filling a card or a group of cards in the empty spot.

Tips and Tricks

Try to make empty piles as soon as possible as this allows you to use the spaces as temporary storage when rearranging cards in natural builds.

Reveal hidden cards where possible as this allows you to make new moves or get rid of waste piles.

Building higher cards first will make your build more valuable than when you build from ace up

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