Scary Maze Game

This Scary Maze Game is one of the popular and scary game on the internet that people are enjoy most.


About Scary Maze Game

Supposedly the game contains something scary that only players who reach the end will be able to see, but in order to get to the end players are going to have to be very, very careful to reach the end of the maze without touching the sides.

The way the Tunnel Rush Game works is that players begin with a blue dot in a big maze. Players move the blue dot by using their mouse (whether it’s a laser mouse, a touch pad or some other kind of mouse), and they have to get to the end of the maze without touching the sides of the maze.

Gameplay and Controls

When the blue dot reaches the finish line the maze switches automatically into the next maze, so users need to make sure they move slowly and carefully. Otherwise it’s entirely possible that the dot will cross the finish line only to run right into a wall and send players back a level or more.

Depending on which version of the Scary Maze Game players have found, hitting the sides could result in being taken all the way back to the beginning of the game.

The further players get, the more and more difficult the mazes become to navigate without brushing against the sides. The goal of course is for players to get through as many mazes as possible to get to the terrible secret that lives in the center of the maze.

Tips and Tricks

The reason that players need to go through the Scary Maze Game with the sound turned all the way up is that the deeper they get into the maze the more the game tries to mess with them. For instance, weird cries, sharp noises and other things that make users jump are all par for the course.

The goal of course is to make the player jump, crash into a wall and send him or her all the way back to the beginning of the maze. Images may flash as well, creating a jumpy tension that can mess up the fine motor control necessary to get to the end of the narrower mazes in the Scary Maze Game.

It isn’t for the faint of heart, or for those who easily get jumpy when presented with unusual or unexpected stimuli. Steady hands and deep breaths are the surest way to get to the center of the maze.

Enjoy Scary Maze Game Online

Different versions of the game exist with different themes, sounds, etc. So whether a player wants to run from zombies, evade vampires or just run through a fun house full of crazy lights, sounds and effects there is a version of the Scary Maze Game out there that should be just what a given player is looking for.

Unless, of course, that player is looking for a game that he or she can definitively win by coming out on top. Like many other games, the Scary Maze Game might have an end, but it doesn’t really have a “win” sort of scenario. Unless the player just wants to reach the end without having his or her nerves jerked too hard, sending them all the way back to the beginning of the game to try again.