Bubble Trouble

Everyone loves popping bubble Bubble Trouble, but it’s not always convenient to keep a piece of it in the work cubicle. Fortunately for people who need a bit of light entertainment and who want to pop some bubbles, there’s the Bubble Pop Game.


About Bubble Trouble Game

Simple, easy to play and always entertaining, the game is so simple that anyone can play. The only thing is that there’s no winning; just with real bubble wrap!

Gameplay and Controls

This game has an extremely simple set of controls, and it’s easier to play than nearly any other game out there, casual or otherwise. All players have to do is put their mouse over a bubble, and then left click it. The bubble pops with a satisfying sound, and the plastic deflates.

Players then move on to the next bubble they want to pop, clicking it to pop it as well. Every half dozen pops or so a small dialog box opens, reminding players that they should really be working, and asking if their boss knows what it is they’re doing.

Tips and Tricks

bubble trouble game

This Bubble Trouble game is so simple there’s nothing players can do to get ahead. There’s no points to score, and no end result to get to. All that’s necessary is to pop the bubbles. Once all the bubbles are popped, game over! If players really want to play again, then all they have to do is start from the beginning for hours of bubble popping fun.

Why Play Somewhere Else?

There’s no reason to go to any other site just to play the Bubble Pop Game, or really any other game that we offer. There’s no subscription fee or membership program required. All we want is for players to sit down, log on and have fun. That, and tell their friends about us.

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